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On-Demand Yoga Class
$8 per class
Rent any regular class in the library for a period of 48 hours.
LIVE Virtual Yoga Class
$10 per class
Attend a LIVE Virtual Class with Shari via Zoom. Receive real-time support, feedback and motivation.
Unlimited LIVE Classes + On-Demand Subscription
$26 per month
Take your practice to the next level with our most complete yoga solution! With unlimited access to all LIVE and regular On-Demand Classes, you gain the freedom and flexibility to practice in a way that best suits you.
Private Instruction
$100 per hour

$50 per 1/2 hour
(packages available)
Drive your yoga practice forward in a big way through individual, customized instruction. Whatever your goals, we will work together to get there in a way that places safe and accurate alignment at the foundation.

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What can I expect if I practice with Shari?

  • experience

    Registered with Yoga Alliance at the E-RYT 500 level, Shari has led well over 2,000 yoga classes. She has instructed private clients and groups alike in a wealth of environments such as yoga studios & gyms, retreat centers, corporations and luxury vacation rentals. Shari's expert voice is backed by more than two decades in the fitness industry.

  • knowledge

    Shari holds her 500-hour Yoga Instructor Certification though YogaWorks and has completed specialty trainings in Yin and the Wanderlust style, to name just a few. She has created numerous day retreats, workshops and weekly intensive programs. In addition, Shari is sought after as a career mentor by new teachers and is a certified Reiki Master.

  • compassion

    Shari shines in her ability to connect with each and every one of her students. She cares deeply about the programming she delivers and how it might enrich the lives of those who choose to practice with her. "When someone places their trust in me as an instructor," she explains, "I strive to protect and honor that gift with every fiber of my being."

What Others Are Saying...

“Shari is able to balance various skill levels in the same class by adding layers of difficulty to the poses. When I was a new student, I was never made to feel that I was holding up the other students or made to feel self-conscious. And as I've improved, she has helped me focus on finer details and the "mental game." She has a knack for simple, concise guidance that is easily followed, which in a virtual environment is reassuring and helps build my confidence. Best of all, even when we are working hard, her classes are fun and joyful. My yoga practice with Shari continues to bring me improved physical and mental strength and acuity.”

Tony D.

“I've been practicing yoga for almost a decade and I find Shari by far the best yoga instructor that I've ever had. The level of passion, care, and professionalism that she brings to every class is extraordinary. I believe a great yoga session is when you are able to unite your mind, body, and soul through the poses and Shari has a gift to make that happen! I am extremely excited that she now offers virtual classes!”

Sara S.

“Shari is attentive to each student's skills and limitations and provides individual feedback, even in remote classes. In the more challenging poses, she gives options for students at all levels so that everyone gets a safe and complete workout. Of course, it wouldn't be yoga without a focus on breathing and relaxation. Her guided meditations always leave me ready to face the rest of my day. Shari is simply the model for a great yoga instructor. She has my highest recommendation.”

Carlos G.

“Shari is a very special yoga teacher who offers a unique set of traits. Not only is she talented and knowledgeable, but she's also patient, funny, and down-to-earth. She gets to know her students and encourages their growth with a refreshingly authentic energy. I personally have experienced significant physical and emotional breakthroughs when practicing in her classes, and I'm so grateful for her giving me the space and guidance to do that. Definitely try a class with her if you haven't already, you'll come out feeling better.”

Molly M.

“Shari's yoga classes provide me with a challenging yet fun practice and, at the end of class, a feeling of serentiy. I never get bored because Shari is always introducing poses or sequences that are new to me so I can never assume what is coming up next. She is also wonderful about paying attention to each person's needs so beginners may be offered modifications to a pose or advanced practitioners may get a choice of a more challenging pose. During an in-studio or live-streaming class, I value Shari's individual feedback to not only help me correct my alignment but also challenge me.”

Liz H.

“I'm grateful for Shari's well-rounded talent as a yoga teacher - not only does she have a solid understanding of the poses, she is attentive to the individual needs of students, even in an online class. The pace of her teaching never lags, and she's regularly introducing something new and challenging into the mix. I always have that lovely yoga glow feeling after one of her classes!”

Beth B.

“I loved Shari's in-person classes so much because she was always so sweet and encouraging, and really helped every student with slight adjustments or suggestions, no matter their level. Even though we're communicating through a screen now, Shari brings the same kindness, care, and attention to her students. I'm so impressed that she is able to see so much through our little screens that she still calls out adjustments to everyone who needs them. Her classes really help me breathe, stretch, and exercise at home during this time, and I'm so grateful!”

Lelah S.

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