About Me


Life has a funny way of nudging you in the direction you're meant to go. And if you refuse to listen, that nudge turns into a solid shove. That's certainly what happened to me.  

It’s been a dream of mine to open my own yoga studio for quite a while. The timing never seemed right, however, and I just carried on - simultaneously elevating my teaching as well as other people’s businesses.                    

Then a couple of years ago, my husband and I decided to trade in the congestion and frenzy of Los Angeles for a quieter life in the mountains of North Carolina. Again, I considered my dream of creating my own yoga space but not knowing a single soul in our new state presented its own challenges.                 

Fast forward to the pandemic when the world as we knew it turned upside down. Yoga studios across the country shut their doors as we all scrambled to come to terms with this new reality. I quickly brought my teaching online and have been immensely grateful for the opportunity to connect with so many students from literally all across the globe. 

Sometime during those months of quarantine, however, it dawned on me that I was, indeed, running my own yoga studio, albeit in a virtual way. Then the gears really started turning... What if I could expand on this model? Re- introduce privates? Create an on-demand library? Offer subscriptions and opportunities for students who wish to dive deeper? Give people a glimpse of my job and life behind-the-scenes? In short, what if I could design the yoga business of my dreams?  

Well, my friends, that’s precisely what you have right here. It’s the culmination of an unyielding desire that’s been decades in the making. I hope you’ll find something of value here. I hope we can grow together. And I hope you’ll allow me share how yoga has transformed every facet of my life and how the practice can do the same for you.             

with love,

Yoga the way YOU want it!

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