LIVE Virtual Yoga Class Schedule


Nurturing Yin | 50 min. | 12:00 pm ET | 9:00 am PT


Flow Express | 50 min. | 12:00 pm ET | 9:00 am PT


Energizing Vinyasa Flow | 60 min. | 12:30 pm ET | 9:30 am PT

(effective January 1, 2021)

How Can I Join?

Attending a Live Virtual Yoga Class with Shari has never been easier! Plus, it's a terrific way to elevate your practice through real-time support, feedback and motivation. Follow these simple steps to participate...

  • Select the class you'd like to attend from the choices below.

  • Complete your purchase to enroll.

  • Click "ENTER VIRTUAL CLASSROOM" on the appropriate date & time. You're in!

Class Descriptions


Whether you’re new to yoga or just want a softer, quieter experience, then this class is sure to deliver! Our focus begins with slow, compassionate movement designed to gradually warm and open the body. Following, we’ll sink into stillness with a series of stretches featuring luxuriously long holds. These deceptively challenging postures create space in the joints while nourishing the connective tissues.

(All levels welcome.  Appropriate for beginners.)


Are you busy? Do you feel like the demands in your life just keep piling up while it’s getting harder and harder to carve out time for yourself? Flow Express is the answer! It’s everything you love about Vinyasa Flow packed into a very manageable 50 minutes. You’re in - you’re out - and you’re on your way to conquering the rest of your day!  

(All levels welcome.)


Join us for a fun, dynamic vinyasa flow class with special emphasis on developing strength. Be prepared to move, building your own internal heat as we push the envelope of what you previously thought possible. Come with a playful attitude and leave with that post-practice glow. 

(Modifications will be offered for those newer to the practice,
but some experience is helpful.)